We are offering Disabled Tickets for sale (please contact sales@the90srevival.co.uk prior to purchasing an Adult / Child Ticket) Tickets admit one person and an additional PA (personal assistant or carer, an adult over 18 years) on the same ticket, at the same time. The Disabled person and the PA cannot enter the event separately.

Disabled ticket holders are required to show adequate evidence of disability during check-in to allow free entry of the nominated PA. If proof of disability is not provided, access may be refused.

Accepted proof is any of the following:

Middle or Highest rate of DLA Care

Lower or Higher rate of DLA Mobility

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

CredAbility Access Card “+1” category requirement (http://www.accesscard.org.uk)

As this event has limited attendance capacity, we reserve the right to stop the sale of disabled tickets (by marking them as SOLD OUT) at the point we feel the event resources would be compromised if we continued with sales.

The PA must carry out full ‘duty of care’ for the disabled person, at all times. If it is felt that the position of the PA and their role of ‘duty of care’ is compromised (eg. Excessive alcohol consumption), this could lead to relevant parties being asked to leave the event. Both the PA and disabled person should be aware of the statement.